Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hello Health: Juicing

The Amazing Benefits of Juicing.. Plus, a few great recipes

A few years ago I went to go see an amazing homeopath, Dr Engelbrecht to figure out why I was also getting ill. It was then that I was first introduced to juicing. Except, I wanted nothing to do with that gross juice, I mean honestly why would I want to drink beetroot! Boy, oh boy, if I only I knew then what an amazing thing I would be doing for my body by juicing and had started back then already. But that's part of life I guess, growing up and listening to what your body needs. Nowadays I plan where I can meet my friends to catch up by checking if I can order a juice - so yummy, while being so healthy! And every time I have a juice, I think to myself "Dr E would be proud" :P

A friend of mine, Candice Helena, has started a business called 'LiveLoveJuices' and is making juices for deliveries in Pretoria, so great for those with busy schedules! I asked her to explain why juicing is so great:

"I’m so excited to start my new venture of sharing my love for making juices. LiveLoveJuices is a way of me getting people to make smarter steps towards healthier living. Here are some of the benefits I found with juicing:
1. Clear and focused mind
2. Weight loss
3. Loads more energy
4. Positive and cheerful, no matter what comes your way
5. Wake up feeling sharp and well rested, even if you had less sleep
6. The juices flood your body with so much nutrients, you will rarely feel hungry
7. Heightened sense of taste and smell
8. Skin starts to glow, hair and nails grow faster. You start to look younger!
9. Immune system will be stronger
10. Discipline of juicing will give you greater control over your appetite and boosted your will power in general.
So do you think it’s worth a try? watch my site for LiveLoveJuices home delivery service." - Candice Helena

Most of the time at home I grab whatever fruit and vegetables I can find to juice but here are some great recipes for you to try out:
# Susan Rowan loves Carrots; apple and pineapple - a simple recipe that gives her maximum health
# One of Candice's favourite recipes is:  'Something Green'- Spinach, cucumber, lemon, apple, celery, parsley and added ginger & spirulina.
# Fay loves "carrots, apple, orange, beetroot and ginger :) its an all rounder!"

# a few of my favourite ingredients include:

# here some great ones for you to try at home:

what are your favourite ingredients to use? I would love to know!

Thanks for leaving a comment. It's always great to hear from you. ♥


  1. What a wonderful informative post !! Good luck to Candice ! Will be ordering !! It is also a good idea to start an earthworm farm if you are juicing regularly as the pulp can be fed to the earthworms and then an added benefit is compost for the garden !!!

  2. Lovely post! The carrot, apple, orange, beet and ginger really is an all rounder, it has your iron, and the vitamin C you need to absorb it, as well as great fibre and ginger keeps away sniffles and things :)
    Going to try your tropical envy!
    - Fay (@fayinthemaze)

  3. I love juice so this is something I could easily do :D Love the post!

  4. Your juices look so yummy and elegant! I usually just toss in whatever's in the fridge. If I have 1-2 fruits, it's usually good. Thanks for the inspiration.


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