Saturday, 23 March 2013

Earth Hour: 2013

Earth Hour 2013
South Africa 20:30

At 20:30, March 23, the world comes together to participate in Earth Hour . An hour dedicated to an act of unity for our planet. An hour where simply switching off your lights will help and show your dedication to saving our planet.

So what should you do during Earth Hour?

WWF South Africa have some great suggestions of Things To Do in The Dark

- Be a romancy pants with a candle lit dinner
- host a picnic in the garden with some candles
- star gaze
- have a dance party, no one will be able to watch your slick moves
- have a braai with neighbours and friends
- teach your dog some new tricks with a glow stick

Check out the website for some really great information

My suggestions for Earth Hour:

- enjoy a relaxing bubble bath with some candles, preferably scented
- Light some candles and make the hour your own, meditate; practice some yoga; reflect on your goals for the rest of the year etc
- spend some time with those you love just chatting instead of letting social media and the tv take over your evening

What will you be doing for Earth Hour?

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  1. Drinking my glass of wine by candlelight !!!

  2. Happy Earth Hour~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)


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