Monday, 3 June 2013

Hello June

It's a new month!

Can you believe we are halfway through 2013 already? June has arrived!

While June marks the start of winter (and me counting down to summer already), its also The Glam Green Girl's 2nd birthday this month *yay*! I will be posting a competition soon where you can win a hamper of a few of my favourite things!

Since it's a Monday and the start of a new month, why not set yourself some new goals to achieve this month? For example: read a book; make your gym sessions 15 minutes longer this month; collect blankets for those who need it this winter; make more time for yourself and those you care for!

I hope everyone has a wonderful month - may June be one of the best one's yet!

Let me know what goals you are setting for yourself this month?

Thanks for leaving a comment. It's always great to hear from you. ♥


  1. Im definitely going to try and focus more on my college work. I get so side tracked!

  2. This will be a great month for me... Plan to move to Cape Town, move into new flat and travel the city! Yay... :) Hope you have an awesome month too. xoxo

  3. Just some small goals: donate my beanies to cansa that I collected, get in some orders for business, finish my 30 day squat challenge, apply to more jobs (hopefully there'll be more to apply to IN june), make progress on A Tale of Two Cities


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