Thursday, 12 September 2013


Kliprivier Urban BioDiversity Corridor

Last week I attended the Kliprivier Urban Biodiversity Corridor held at the beautiful Thaba Ya Batswana Eco Hotel & Spa. It was such a wonderful morning spent chatting about how to convert the South of Johannesburg into a visual experience - creating one of the first major green urban corridors in Gauteng.

KUBiC plans on creating a 12km green corridor along Kliprivier Drive in the South of Johannesburg South-Africa.

Here are a few facts from my morning at the KUBic event:

- Less than 1% of Johannesburg is conserved or protected

- KUBic was launched on the 31st of Octiober 2012 and planted their first trees on that day, those trees were then stolen!

- KUBic decided to propagate their own trees, this is more beneficial to the environment and it also meant there would be too many trees to steal.

- The vision of KUBiC is to be sustainable and green, as well as bio diverse

- More trees = more insects and birds

- By planting trees along the corridor, KUBiC will be cleaning up the area; make it more visually appealing; it will protect the ecology of the area; it will improve the living conditions of those who live near to the corridor; it will add value to the south and will hopefully inspire other areas to do the same.

- The corridor will also help to create jobs; it will be a buffer against pollution; and it will benefit the following:
Local Community

- All trees planted are indigenous

- Another great initiative by KUBiC is that if you see someone littering or illegally dumping along the corridor, take a picture and send it to KUBiC and they will follow up on it!

Here are a few of my photo's from the day:

For more information on the Kliprivier Urban Biodiversity Corridor, check out their website where you can even pledge to buy a tree!

Or have a look at their facebook page to keep up with their latest news.

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