Wednesday, 9 April 2014

GREENPOP: Tree Memories

Greenpop Part 3:
My Favourite Tree Memories

Hi everyone!

So part of this Greenpop challenge is not only about raising trees for the awesome "Trees for Zambia" project - but part of it is also about reflecting on why trees are so important. Last week I posted a cool infographic that I found on Pinterest filled with interesting tree facts and this week it's all about my favourite tree memory. PS: every time I type memory I have to erase the one m *surname problems haha*

If I have to think back on my childhood, I wouldn't say there were any memories of trees that come to mind. I'm a clumsy girl, those of you that know me know that I'm usually tearing something; breaking something or bruising something (I'm currently writing this with a torn muscle and damaged ligament in my leg after my last trip to Zambia haha). So anyways, lets just say I wasn't exactly the tree climbing type of kid. 

My favourite tree related memory comes from Easter 2012 in Zambia, along the Zambezi River. For the past three years, my family & our close family friends go to Zambia to celebrate Easter. The one year we decided that we were going to stop along the River and have a braai under this large tree. So there is where is gets real for me. I watch a lot of Animal Planet, and I mean A LOT so when I first got to the 'tree' I had a total panic attack cause all I could think of was the amount of snakes that were going to fall on me and yes I can totally hear you laughing at me right now! But I actually ended up having the best time and we returned a few times after that for a few more braais each time I was in Zambia. Unfortunately the piece of land that this huge tree is on is now private property so we have to find a new braai spot.

This tree is so incredible because we all sit under it with our camping chairs, take a little snooze in the shade and eat delicious food. However we weren't the only ones that used to eat there, it was a elephant hot spot! The one time we even had to make a quick escape back to the boat as a herd was coming in to dine at their local restaurant! 

This was my view from under the tree - The Zambezi River and a beautiful tree, what more do you need?

Trees are not only a vital part of our environment and our existence but it's so amazing to be able to see how nature interacts with trees, how we as humans attach certain memories to trees and how it can create a smile on your face each time you pass it.

To help me create some more tree memories for myself and for Zambia, please donate to the super cool "Trees For Zambia" project. R100 buys you a tree but any donation is very much welcome!

What's your favourite tree memory?

Thanks for leaving a comment. It's always great to hear from you. ♥

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