Friday, 11 November 2011

Being Glam and Green on my New Adventure

Recently I moved to Cape Town, it was a decision that was made in a couple of days, a decision that has changed my whole life. I left my family, my friends, and my home and am for the first time, living on my own. This was a big adjustment, I definitely wasn't used to having to do my own washing, or cleaning in my free time, but its all part of growing up.

As I've mentioned before, I started this blog to make people more aware of being green; of helping to look after our environment, for our future and our children's future. I have also mentioned that being green doesn't mean that you have to be a barefooted hippy who hugs trees and doesn't wash their hair, it just means that every small action, can have a positive reaction.

My house back in Pretoria, had a recycling system set up in the estate, this made recycling very easy as it was convenient. i soon learnt it wasn't going to be that easy in Cape Town. However, I've made the best of it, and I'm going to show you how being green can be done in a few simple steps.

I love the look of the Appletizer bottles, plus they are made from glass which is 100% recyclable! The three R's when it comes to being green is Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. So since I love the bottles so much, I thought 'why throw it away, if I can incorporate it into my apartment', so now you can see how how I've made it part of my decor. Another great use for these bottles, is to use them as a vase for a long stemmed flower, or as a creative candle holder.

Sticking to how I love glass because it is 100% recyclable, I found VOSS water at the place where I eat lunch during work. These bottles are amazing because they can be reused, reused and reused many times. You obviously have to be careful with them because they are glass, but glass bottles are better for you and the environment then plastic bottles. Plus they look Glam ;)

So having my own place, means cleaning my own place, but this can still be done in a green way. My favourite cleaning product is Woolworths Earth Friendly Natural Anti-Bacterial Multi-purpose Cleaner, its my go-to for everything! Pick n Pay also have a great green cleaning range, its great to know that there are green cleaning products right at your finger tips. So while cleaning, at least you know you are being gentle on the environment.

Nothing like some Earth Friendly hand wash and hand cream to keep you glam and green ;)

I unfortunately had to leave my magazine collection at home, as many of you know, I love magazines, it's where most of my money goes every month. However, these precious treasures of mine are never wasted. I always use them for references, when I need a pick-me-up, when I need to be inspired with my make-up or styling an outfit. I especially love the ad campaigns in the first few pages of a magazine so my favourite thing in the beginning of a new school year or a new semester at varsity was to meticulously sit and plan what cover each book would get, all colour coded I might add. So my magazines are most definitely reused in their lifetimes.

So that is a glimpse into how I am making my stay in Cape Town Glam and Green. Hope it inspires you just to make one small change in your life, if every person does something small, it all adds up to a better environment for us all.

The Glam Green Girl

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  1. LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing. We recycle all our tin, plastics and glass at home, but I've never even considered swapping my usual cleaning products for green options - I'll definitely be paying Woolies a visit! x

  2. Great Blog...can't wait to read more!

  3. @Chereen Thanks so much woolies are the best with that! xXx

    @Indie thank you, really appreciate it and so looking forward to working together! xXx

  4. Hello cassidy, just discovered your blog! Nice! Hope you enjoy Cape Town!
    Any particulary organic beauty products from there? Just curious! Thanks! Have a great day.


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