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Interviewing The Glam and Green Indie Lee

Indie Lee

Recently I stumbled upon a fascinating questionnaire with an eco-beauty on Beautylish , straight away i knew that I had to know more about Indie Lee..

I wish I could've interviewed Indie in person, but alas, New York and Cape Town are a great distance apart, thank heavens for email

Interviewing The Glam and Green Indie Lee

1.      Hello Indie, so nice to connect! I read an article on you on Beautylish and was immediately intrigued by you! Please will you share your story with The Glam Green Girl readers?
Glad to hear about new followers everyday! My story begins on Earth Day 2009, I awoke from brain surgery to discover that a potentially fatal tumor had been successfully removed. The doctors discussed that environmental toxins may have been the source, and I immediately examined each and every product I was putting on my skin. I did not even know how to pronounce some of the ingredients, let alone understand what they could be doing to my body. From that moment forth, I devoted myself to leading a healthier life and promoting consumer awareness. I definitely went back to basics. I began using the best, all-natural ingredients available and created my own line of luxury beauty products. This experience fostered me to craft a new saying; what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.  The past few years have taught me to treasure life’s every moment and always let your inner beauty shine through. I try to represent these lessons in each product I design. Most importantly, I want my story to remind consumers that they are the ones with power and can enact more change than they realize.
2.      I read an interview where you explain your name change, what was it all about?
When I was sick I blogged under the name Indie Lee. The name was a way for me to keep my independence, my control, in the face of this ailment I was going through. I have always been an independent spirit and people nicknamed me; Indie. The name stuck. When I pulled through the surgery, I decided it was time to change things up. I changed my name to better represent my strength and the experience in a way I never thought possible.
3.   What is Indie Lee & Co. about?
Indie Lee & Co. is the embodiment of my experience. I decided that no one should have to experience the anxiety and fear I faced in 2009. Helping people avoid my story became my main goal. I founded the company to create the natural alternative to the toxic ingredients consumers use unknowingly every day. Beyond the products, I wanted the company to serve as a rallying point for consumer advocacy and empowerment. I’ve hosted a number of forums online to help promote the national conversation about what we use on our bodies. I’m making this effort a top priority on the web along with other forms of media.

4.      How has the process of creating natural products been?
Enlightening and fun. I get to use my creative side when thinking of the next big product to develop or enhancing what people already love to be timeless…and natural! The process also gets pretty scary at times. To read and see what is currently used in a largely unregulated field is shocking. A majority of health and beauty goods haven’t been updated in over 77 years and follow regulations from the 1930s! I say it’s time to update our laws and keep consumers safe.
5.      What advice would you give when people are shopping around for green products?
My biggest, BIGGEST thing I would say is to read your labels. Most consumers do not take the time to read what they are putting on their bodies. Even when they do read, the font is small, and the words are big. This makes for a confusing purchase. Companies do not expect you to research each ingredient while shopping. The trend is now working against them, as Johnson & Johnson just pulled baby products from the shelves due to consumer awareness. In addition, a lot of products allude to being natural, when, they are in fact, not. Less than 15 minutes of research can reveal over 15 years of potential damage.
6.      What is your favourite natural ingredient and why?
Everything requires balance. It would be extremely hard for me to pick out one, single product. I use the squalane oil just as much as I use my shampoo. Each product fits in perfectly to every-day use, but they are, of course, all natural. But, if I had to choose, I would say the best product is anything that nature made. Why tamper with what already works perfectly?
7.      Lastly, whats your number one non-beauty related green tip?
That’s easy. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We use way to much on this small planet we call home. Everything needs to come in moderation and everyone needs to do their part. We must take action now to safeguard a healthy, sustainable planet for a children’s future no matter how painful it seems in the short term.

Thank you Indie Lee for your great answers
For more information, tips, as well as a great section in which Indie teaches what are good ingredients, check out her site Indie Lee , you can also follow her tweets @Indie_Lee and mine GlamGreenGirl for more tips and info on being glam and green

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  1. Great post! Loved reading all about Indie Lee and how she became interested in going green - what a story! x

  2. Thank you so much Cassidy for reaching out to me. I am so happy we connected. Look forward to more of your articles. XO Indie

  3. Just loved the article and the information is useful !! Love the whole going green bit and would love to try these products !!


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