Thursday, 7 March 2013

REVIEW: Dr Hauschka

Dr Hauschka - Daily Skincare Products

I was recently invited to attend a media event to learn the "tips, tricks and secrets from the internationally renowned Dr Hauschka celebrity make-up artist, Karim Sattar" but was unable to make it (Sad Glam Green Girl). I was however, fortunate enough to still receive some fab goodies from the wonderful team at Dr Hauschka to test out!

Made from natural and organic ingredients, packaged elegantly and kind to your skin - whats not to love about this brand!

Cleansing Milk:
What I loved about this cleansing milk, is that is was so soft on my skin! I felt like I was washing my face with a gentle cream. Some of you know from previous face wash reviews  I hate the feeling that I instantly have to apply face cream after I've washed my face, well not with this cleansing milk! It's best to use it as your cleanser at night as it "strengthens and invigorates while maintaining moisture" . Its descibed as a gentle make up remover yet I found it didn't really do a great job of removing my eye make up (but I think that is because I am a mascara freak). The jojoba and almond oils leave your skin feeling velvety smooth. Another great element is that it smells nice!

Facial Toner:
I'm a fan of this toner! I use it morning and night as I don't feel that it dries out my skin like some toners do. Another reason why I like this toner, it contains witch hazel. Witch hazel is used to firm the elasticity of the pores and balance your skins mositure levels.

Rose Day Cream Light:
The name says it all, light and pretty much everything Rose. Made from all natural rose distillate; rose essential water; rose wax; rose hip and rhythmitized extracts of rose petals! All these rose ingredients are used to nurture and renew dry and sensitive skin. Along with all those ingredients plus some sesame and almond oil as well as anthylllis, the light day cream should help with red and irritated skin. What I love most about this face cream, is that is really is light - I don't feel like my skin is clogged up after I've used it.

So, to sum it all up - I love all three products and definitely recommend it to anyone who is keen to try Dr Hauschka, its worth it!

Are you a fan of Dr Hauschka products?

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  1. I so love their products !!

  2. I have always wanted to try them. The problem is there are too many great products out there and I only have one face! I must have a closer look at their range again. :)


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