Monday, 22 April 2013

Earth Day: 2013

Earth Day - 22 April - 2013

Today is EARTH DAY! Take a look at my Earth Day 2012 post to see what exactly Earth Day is all about!

Here are a few ideas for you for what you can do today:

© Start a recycling system at home - it's never too late to start

© Start a vegetable garden at home

© Go for a walk or hike today - stop and take a moment while being immersed in nature

© Set some goals on how you will become more Eco-conscious this year

© Practice daily or weekly Earth Hours - switch off and relax with some candles

© Start switching over to organic food - better for the environment and your health

© Start looking into organic beauty brands that are not only kind to the earth, but kind to your skin

© Switch off unnecessary lights

© Close unused taps

Each step towards becoming greener, is a step in the right direction!

Happy Earth Day everyone - make it count!

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