Monday, 13 January 2014

Say No to Animal Cruelty

Choose Animal Cruelty Free Products

Here's a small fact for your Monday that not a lot of people know about me, but when I was younger I was never really a big animal lover *eeeeek, shock I know* , I was actually scared of animals, but those of you that know me now, know that I'm the complete opposite of this nowadays. I love animals! I'm addicted to watching Animal Planet and learning cool facts about the wonderful creatures on this earth! Actually, don't even get me started on the programs I watch because I will whip out my "did you know..." statements.

Here's a picture that I instagrammed at the end of last year of all the amazing animals I got to interact with in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa

One of my goals for 2014 is to change my make up to cruelty free products. All of my skincare products are natural; organic and cruelty free but it's taking long to switch over to cruelty free make up products. I hope to change this and have a real glam and green make up collection!

I've managed to find some great websites where you can check if the brand is cruelty free or not and these really help. Most companies say they are cruelty free but sell their products in China which requires animal testing *boo*. I will be honest though, I'm really bummed that MAC isn't cruelty free as even though it's not natural,I really love their make up. I'm also upset that Stila is not listed as cruelty free as I have just won a voucher and bought a new Stila palette, oi. But that is why I like to write these posts, it's not only to help inform others, but I also get to learn lots along the way!

My favourite site to check is My Beauty Bunny as they constantly update it and state if the company is selling in China. You can also have a look on the PETA website or you can check whether the brand you want to buy from is Leaping Bunny certified.

I so wish we had some of these fab cruelty-free brands in South Africa!

I hope this helps you the next time you decide on buying some new cosmetics! 

ps: here's the post I wrote last year about the EU's Ban on Animal Testing

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  1. Very informative post. I always check on My Beauty Bunny/Peta to see if a brand is cruelty-free. I wish more big brands were.

  2. thanks for the links :)
    btw. love your pics.

  3. Thanks for the love Cassidy! If you can do some research on South African brands that are CF, I'd love to publish on MBB as a guest post!

  4. I really do try to do this too but it can be challenging to remain a beauty writer when so many brands don't fully adhere to cruelty free (thanks to China).

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

  5. Dr. Hauschka is a favourite of mine - skincare and cosmetics. They're amazing AND cruelty free! :)


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