Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Glam and Green Christmas

A Green Holiday Season

So I've kind of left my Christmas shopping to the last minute, I bet I'm not the only one though?
Luckily I sort of know what gifts I need to buy for my loved ones so hopefully it wont be too much of a mission. While thinking of gifts though, the thought of gift wrapping crossed my mind..

Do you know how much paper is wasted during the festive season? So much money is spent on wrapping gifts, only for them it to be ripped open and the paper chucked in the bin!

But alas, there is a green option..
Do you have old magazines or newspapers lying around? well there is your wrapping paper!
Yesterday I wrapped a present in pages from a magazine, I made sure they were pretty pictures and that it looked glam..

The gift I wrapped, I even put a picture of gifts on the front :)

See how easy it is?

Here are a few pictures for some more inspiration

You can even make a some Christmas decorations at the same time...

~Kind to your wallet, kind to the environment~

Wishing you all a Glam and Green fastive season

Merry Christmas

The Glam Green Girl

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