Monday, 6 February 2012

Glam and Green at the J&B Met 2012

Glam and Green at the J&B Met 2012

On Saturday the 28th of January 2012, South Africa's finest headed to the Kenilworth Race Course in Cape Town to strut their stuff.

I only found out that I was a attending 2 hours before I arrived, so had to quickly grab something out of my closet, luckily I'm a glamazon so there was no need to stress ;)

The theme for this year was 'Made Different' and boy-oh-boy did some people take that to the extreme..

I was however, so delighted to see people in Glam and Green outfits ©

A little accident during the December holiday fun left me camera-less so I couldn't take photos of the awesome outfits, but I managed to find some on Thunda and through people who emailed me

images I found on Thunda, if this is you, let me know :)

I saw a girl rush past me in a dress that looked similar to this, SO Glam & Green!

Michael Williams & his friends in their Glam & Green outfits-awesome!

Hope you all feel a bit inspired fro the next time you have to dress up for an event

The Glam Green Girl

ps: were you at the the J&B Met? did you wear a Green and Glam outfit? email me and I'll make sure to feature you

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