Thursday, 23 February 2012

Eco Fashion, The Green Shows

The Green Shows, New York's Eco Fashion Week 

Recently, New York prepared for fashion week. But this wasn't the usual fashion week, it was all about Eco-Fashion.
It has been described as a “premiere fashion event exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair trade fashion in New York City,”

The Green Shows were a hit at New York Fashion Week 2012, shows were packed, a huge achievement for the sustainable fashion movement.

Designers have a certain criteria to abide by in order for their designs to be accepted as sustainable, they have to incorporate some of the following:

Fair Trade
Organic Materials
Recycled Materials
Vegan/Animal Free
 Ethically Produced
    Ethically Produced Wool
Natural Dyes
 Carbon Footprint Conscious

Designers such as United Bamboo, Bamboo by United Bamboo, Study NY by Tara St. James, H. Fredriksson, Luis Valenzuela, The Battalion, Anja, and Artists & Revolutionaries all created beautiful pieces that were both Glam and Green

More about The Green Shows? "The Green Shows is building the premier marketing and consultative services company dedicated to the future of ethical and sustainable fashion retailing. The Company is advising and partnering with leading specialty retailers and lifestyle fashion brands to advance the design and merchandising of retail destinations to service this next-generation of fashion shoppers. Now in its fourth year of operation, the Company has identified a sizable target market of well educated, affluent shoppers who want to buy beautifully designed fashion, produced sustainably, crafted with lasting value, leaving minimal waste". Interested and want to know even more, click here

Keep a look out for more posts on some great Glam and Green fashion, as well as some great tips :)

The Glam Green Girl

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