Monday, 27 February 2012

Red Carpet Green Dress - Oscars 2012

Eco Fashion at the 2012 Academy Awards

If you're anything like me, award season is a chance  to 'oooo', 'aaaaah' and 'what was she thinking?' over the gorgeous gowns that hit the red carpet. The 84th Academy Awards this week is exactly one of those times.

Wouldn't it be great, knowing that some of those glamorous gowns, were also green?
Through the wonderful world of twitter I recently was followed by an amazing company called Red Carpet Green Dress . I just love everything about them, I wish I had known earlier about them as I would have enjoyed the challenge of entering (creativity is always good for one's soul).

So, let me tell you a bit more about Red Carpet Green Dress..

Red Carpet Green Dress was launched in 2009 by the wife of director James Cameron, Suzy Amis Cameron. Its an annual competition where designers are challenged to create a red carpet dress made from sustainable material.

Both Suzy & James have both been dedicated to protecting the planet and its resources, and Red Carpet Green Dress was just another way to show their environmental efforts.

In 2010, Jillian Granz won the competition. Jillian created a beautiful gown made out of peace silk. 'Peace silk' you ask? Peace silk is made by allowing silk worms to complete their life cycle, instead of traditional silk where the worms are boiled for their silk. Jillian also had a no-waste policy. every bit of material was used in the garment.

Jillian's winning design 2010

In 2011, the winner of the Red carpet Green Dress competition was Samata Angel. To read about her story from her blog where she explains her whole process, click here

Samata's design 2011

 This year, the actress Missi Pyle who starred in the movie 'The Artist' (which, by the way, won best picture as well as best actor) wore a design by the 2012 winner,  Valentina Delfino. This Venezulan born, miami-based designer created the eco-friendly gown by using peace silk; recycled polyester, recycled zippers, and natural mineral die. Each pleat in the dress, was hand sewn as to not use a machine.

Missi Pyle in her eco-friendly gown at the 2012 Academy Awards

Isn't it wonderful knowing that such a beautiful gown that is eco-friendly while still stunning could be made?
I hope to see more and more of these Glam and Green dresses on the red carpet soon!

Let me know what you think of these green dresses, I would love to hear from you!

The Glam Green Girl

ps: if you enjoyed reading about these eco-friendly designs, you might enjoy this eco-fashion-green-shows article

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  1. Stunning article!! LOVED it!! And the dress is really stunning too - no need to ware paper bags to be Green!! Sad about the worms though!! You would think they would want the worms to become moths so they can lay more eggs to get more silk - it always amazes me how narrow minded people are about live creatures they use!!! Thank you Glam Green Girl for another stunning informative piece!! Xox PS PLEASE post some pics of you too on the blog - think you are stunning and such an inspiration!! xox

    1. wow, thank you SO much! this comment has honestly made my day! really appreciate it, and thanks for your loyalty!
      lots of love xXx

  2. Well done !! So interesting !!

    1. thanks so much! thanks for reading xXx

  3. Silk is the most cruel and unethical fabric. Every day,billions of beautiful silk moths are boiled alive just before they can leave the cocoon. The hidden truth of silk is very sad. However there are other alternatives that give even greater results- bamboo silk or cactus silks. I always use cactus silks in my garments.
    Raquel Gracia.

    1. Hi Raquel,
      Thanks for that interesting information, I never knew how badly silk worms were being treated until I researched peace silk. Im definetely going to look into cactus silk!I would love to do something with Gracia Woman on my blog!!! what do you think?


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