Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fisker Karma

The Glam and Green Fisker Karma

There's a new kid on the block..
As most of you who know me, know that I'm a sucker when it comes to fast cars. When I lived in Cape Town, Camps Bay was like a candy shop for me with all the luxury cars zooming around. Last week I bought my first copy of South Africa's first green magazine 'Simply Green'  (does a happy dance) and saw a piece about this car - the Fisker Karma, obviously I googled it straight away ;)

The Fisker Karma is a car, according to the manufacturers, that is all about sustainable design without compromise. First of all, I love the name - Karma, so clever. Secondly the Karma is all about high-impact performance and low-impact on the environment. This is achieved by the 'plug in or fill up' notion. Ideally, as a hybrid, you can save on the fuel and rather use it as an electrical car, a luxurious electrical car I might add, but the Karma allows you to switch between the all-electric stealth mode or the fuel assisted sport mode.

Even the interior is Glam and Green! It uses no animal products and uses wood from sunken logs, reclaimed forest-fire timber, and renewable resources like bamboo.It also has a standard full-length photovoltaic roof, which generates enough power to cool the car while parked instead of using energy to power the air-conditioning. It also charges the car, in consistent sunlight, adding a few extra miles. Fisker hopes to add these panels to the garages of Karma's so that the car can charge partly via solar-power

If you click on their website here you can read more about their sustainability efforts.

Images: The Fisker website

I just love everything about this car - guess this Glam Green Girl needs to start saving ;)

The Glam Green Girl

Ps: go grab your copy of Simply Green Magazine today - you wont be sorry!

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  1. Wow! It's a beautiful car and I love that they've incorporated a solar panel into the roof. A lot of the time I get annoyed with so called green cars because they still need to use electricity to charge it - from coal burning power stations and there is no way to safely get rid or recycle the the batteries they use to power the car. This one seems to be the better of the bunch. Hopefully very soon all cars will be better on the environment :)


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