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Review - Miöja

Review of Miöja products

Last week in my post Interviewing Tasha from Mioja I noted that I would be posting a review - here it is :)

As I mentioned, the colours of the Miöja website immediately drew me in, not knowing that I would soon become hooked on the products for their elements and not just the colours. Another reason I'm a fan of this brand is because of the three key bases - Natural, Organic & Holistic. Tasha, believes that these three keys are vital to one's well-being.

I was lucky enough to be able to try 7 of the Miöja products, the complete orange range, two form the purple range and one from the green range. Tasha explained the three ranges as the following :  "Each range contains a different handmade vibrational remedy, supported by botanical, organic plant oils and essential oils that work holistically towards the same purpose. The Green Range protects and calms reactivity in the skin while supporting the corresponding qualities of resilience, courage and trust. The Orange Range energizes the skin by stimulating the circulation and helps to inspire creativity, enthusiasm and focus- revitalizing on a mental and emotional level too. The Violet Range detoxifies and brightens the skin while facilitating openness, awareness and integrity, for all over radiance. Products from different ranges work happily together, which is great, because most of us can benefit from balancing more than one of these aspects of our skin and ourselves at any given time."  - from Interviewing Tasha from Mioja.

The orange range is a range that I use daily (apart from the mask), it consists of the Yarrow and Honeybush Body Cream; Pomegranate Vitalising Day Cream; Wild Ginger Stimulating Mask; Cardamom and Orange Lip Treatment.

My favourite from this range is definitely the Lip Treatment, so great especially with this dry winter weather, and the smell reminds me of summer

From the purple range, I tried the White Clay and Chamomile Skin Polish and the Grapefruit and Fennel Intensive Therapy - both are aimed at detoxifying and to brighten the skin, and both achieve that goal!

And from the green range which is targeted towards deeply calming and restorative I tried the Palmarosa Balancing Cleanser. I end my day off with this product in m beauty routine and I love that your face doesn't feel dry after washing it as it is a gel-like cleanser. Plus it smells so fresh!

Miöja truly is what their slogan is 'deeply, naturally beautiful'

To fall in love like I did - click here to view their website.

Deeply, Naturally Beautiful Miöja is loved by The Glam Green Girl

The Glam Green Girl

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