Friday, 22 June 2012

Review - Tip Top Nail Chic

Toxin Free Nail Polish - Tip Top Nail Chic

A nail polish free of the 'toxic trio'? That still looks good? Yes my Glam and Green dolls, it is true - it does exist! Tip Top Nail Chic is proudly toxin free!

So what is the 'toxic trio'? The toxic trio includes the following: formaldehyde, dibutylphtate (DBP) and toulene. All of the chemicals are found in many nail polishes and can be absorbed into the skin through the nail bed eeeeek! Tip Top is also Camphor free, another toxin that can be absorbed by your body.

These toxins are not only bad for your health, but for the environment. Each time you trow out a nail polish, it leaks into the ground - causing the soil to absorb these toxins.

Luckily you can still be glam and green with Tip Top Nail Chic!

They have a wonderful range of colours! I tested out the colours 'pot-o-berries' and 'armourplate' and topped my nail that was painted in 'armourplate' with the Tip Top Rikki Brest 'U Crack Me Up' - see in my photos below. Next week I'll be sporting the 'crushed grapes' colour, a deep purple that's perfect for winter!

'pot-o-berries' and 'armourplate'
after applying 'U Crack Me Up'

There is so much you can do with the colours, you can create such fun nail art

This is what Charlene from Gee Whiskers created with her Tip Top nails polishes (love the hearts!!!)

A little tip? I would head over to the  Tip Top Nail Chic Facebook Page as they are always having great give-aways!

Another reason I love this nail polish? So affordable - love me a bargain ;)

Do you use Tip Top Nail Polish? Tweet me a pic :) @GlamGreenGirl

The Glam Green Girl

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  1. Thanks for the feature - love the nail art you did! xxx

  2. One of my favourite products in the whole world! Amazing brand :)

  3. the crushed grapes is what i was wearing this last week - and YES it is the best colour for winter!! ♥

  4. Definitely one of my favourite brands. And the best part? Made in SA :)


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