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REVIEW: Naturalmente Hair Care

Hair Care from Naturalmente
[Review and Giveaway]

Those of you that follow me on twitter will have by now noticed what a big fan I am of the green online store called Faithful To Nature - I can spend hours browsing their site and looking through all the amazing green products they offer from body care to household cleaning products! I usually order my coconut water and a lot of The Victorian Garden products for my mom and myself.

The reason I love Faithful To Nature so much is because of the amazing service I receive every time I order from them! They usually deliver within 2-3 business days and with each order I receive a hand written note on my invoice as well as small gifts (samples of what they sell). It's the small touches that they add to their orders that really makes a difference to me and keeps me coming back for more!

Recently Faithful To Nature got in touch with me and have offered my readers something very exciting! A fantastic hair care kit from Naturalmente worth R717.00 !!!

I'm currently testing out this range and so far I'm impressed!

Naturalmente Citrus Shampoo

This shampoo is exactly what it says, volumising and definitely smells like oranges to me. It's made with essential oils so it's great for moisturising your hair and revitalizing your hair follicles while massaging it into your scalp. 
It contains the following ingredients and these are their uses:
Orange Stimulates, tones the scalp
Lemon Stimulates, refreshing effect
Bergamot Balances, regenerates, deoderises
Chamomile Prevents allergies, soothing, calms muscles tension
Lavender Purifies scalp, heals, prevents hair loss
Soya Gives body, shine and manageability to hair

This shampoo is R231.00 and you can get it here

Naturalmente Fruit Acids Conditioner

This conditioner is described as a balm and it is quite thick. You're instructed to leave it one for 4-5 minutes so to me it seems more like a hair masque. You would think that it would weigh down your hair as it's thick and you need to leave it on for so long but it actually doesn't. It's lightweight and helps to detangle (yay for this as I hate having knotty hair). I will be honest and say that I'm not a huge fan of the scent, at first I loved it but while it was on my hair it reminded me too much of cough medicine, that cherry smelling one. It contains mint so you will feel a tiny bit of tingling sensation but this helps to calm itchiness and neautralise any infections on your scalp. It also contains Orange peel oil like the shampoo and this helps stimulate your scalp, which in turn helps stimulate healthy hair growth!

This conditioner is R231 and can be found here

Naturalmente Miele

I was most impressed by this little bad boy. It takes you by surprise as I didn't really expect much from it to be completely honest. It's a restructing fluid that you apply to your towel dried hair. I applied it from mid length to the ends and this is perfect as it doesn't weigh down your hair but keeps the ends nice and healthy. After I blow dried my hair, it felt ah-ma-zing! Snaps for super soft hair! It contains honey which helps moisturise your hair and gives it texture.

This serum is R255 and can be found here

Now for the exciting part (though I do hope you enjoyed my review), the giveaway!

Faithful To Nature has kindly offered me the following to give away:
Naturalmente Rosemary & Lavender Purifying and Detoxing Shampoo
Naturalmente Yoghurt & Millet Conditioner Intensive Revitalizer
Naturalmente Miele
You can find these products here

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Good Luck!

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  1. What an amazing product , definitely going to try it !! A great review !!

  2. Loved ur review def makes u wanna get the product but even better if i won it ;)

  3. International giveaway or not :-)?

  4. Looks like a fab giveaway! Gorgeous photos as well. :)

  5. rehana seedat email: Awesome giveaway. fingers crossed

  6. Awesome products....would really love to win! Fingers crossed :)


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