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Project summary - Trees for Zambia - Greenpop

Trees for Zambia project summary - from Greenpop

A while ago I post about Greenpop going to plant trees in Zambia (previous post link) in July 2012 - here is an update for you on the amazing work that they did

4135 trees were planted in total over 3 weeks (1st to 22 July 2012).
 21 schools received trees and a fun-filled day of tree planting, education and seed propagation with the pupils
 775 trees (various fruits and Faidherbia albida) were planted with a women’s group at Songwe village in one day at a protected vegetable gardening site that was set up by Sun International. 110 extra trees were given to the women to plant at their homes.
  875 indigenous trees were planted in a reforestation effort in a concession area of Dambwa forest in partnership with Lion Encounter and ALERT. 150 extra trees will be planted at that reforestation site in the next weeks.
 280 lemon trees, 27 mango trees and 509 Faidherbia albida trees were planted with a group of 8 subsistence farmers at a community organisation called Sons of Thunder and the amazing benefits of the Faidherbia albida tree in conservation farming were demonstrated. The Conservation Farming Unit sent their representative, Gibson Simosokwe, down from Lusaka in the first week to train the farmers and the volunteers on this technique which enriches the soil and facilitates higher crop yields by planting trees within fields. In the 2nd week, UNDP representative, Excellent Hachileka, joined us along with Sadrick Sapwe from the Department of Forestry to continue the education and help set up a micro nursery at Sons of Thunder so that the farmers can start growing their own trees. 40 extra lemon trees were given to the farmers for planting in the coming weeks.

 150 indigenous trees were planted on the final day of Trees for Zambia at the beautiful Victoria Falls in partnership with the National Heritage Conservation Commission.
 21 trees were planted at Maramba River Lodge were volunteers were warmly hosted - 1 tree for every day of the project.

Ah, I just LOVE this!!!

For some amazing photos of the event - click here for Greenpop's Facebook album of the event

Photography: Sydelle Willow Photography

Congrats to all the wonderful people inlvolved in this amazing event - and a big shoutout to Greenpop for making it possible!

I've just returned from an awesome long weekend spent on the lower Zambezi River so look out for a post with some of the photos I took

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