Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Review: Natraloe

A Review on a few Natraloe products

Aloe is one of natures best healing tools, so why not incorporate it into your beauty products? Natraloe is a South African company that is the first (and only at the moment) all natural aloe ferox skincare range in South Africa.

Aloe has the ability to heal, moisturise and soothe and is used in many products because of these properties. Did you know that Aloe Ferox is indigenous to the Eastern Cape of South Africa and is not found growing wild anywhere else in the world? It has a unique ability to penetrate all seven layers of the skin, is non-toxic and easily absorbed.

Natraloe uses aloe as its main ingredient in their natural body care range. I recently tested out a few of their products and enjoyed using them as I'm a firm believer in the healing properties of Aloe - Aloe ferox gel is my go to for sun burns and rashes.

The products:

The Natraloe skin moisturiser is a great day cream with a subtle fragrance that doesn't overpower you. I love that it has chamomile;honey bush and green tea extracts so you can see exactly what you are putting on your skin - pure goodness.

This foaming cleanser contains cucumber, which calms and refreshes the skin after cleansing. It has a lovely fresh smell and is great to use for removing make up as its not too harsh on your skin.

Lets start with the hand & body lotion - wow I'm in love with this scent! Ive always loved vanilla, but in small doses otherwise it is too sweet and overpowering but this lotion has just the right amount. You will find any excuse to keep applying this lotion not only because of its divine scent but the way it is so moisturising thanks to the Shea butter (another one of my favourite ingredients, especially in the winter). Truly a rich and velvty lotion with an amazing scent.

Secondly the cream body wash is also to die for! It doesnt foam but leaves you clean and moisturised after use. The combination of coconut and rose geranium oil smells great and is so good for your skin.

I asked my mom to test these hair care products and she loved them. The Mama of the Glam Green Girl was most impressed about how soft her hair was. Although the shampoo didnt foam as much as her usual shampoos do, the avocardo oil left it looking so healthy and shiny as well as the coconut oil in the conditioner.

Thank you Shelley Lombard for allowing me to test these great products.

I would suggest going to look at the products on the Natraloe website , I love that they even have natural sun skincare - a must ,now that spring will be coming in a few weeks.

Are you a fan of aloe? have you tried Natraloe? let me know :)

The Glam Green Girl

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  1. A brilliant product !!

  2. Been using the facial range for 2yrs or longer now, its great especially the aloe gel.


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