Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hello Health: Green Tea

The Benefits of Green Tea
I was never a fan of green tea but since Ive become more conscious of my health I decided to give it a try again. For the first few cups, I would let the tea cool down and then drink it as quickly as possible, I could at least say "yes I had my cup of green tea today" - after about the third cup, I decided "hey this isnt so bad".
I then took my adventure with green tea further and tried green tea with mint - can anyone say refreshing! Perfect for a summers day!
Keen to jump on the Green Tea wagon? Here are a few benefits, you are most likely to go make a cup after reading this post ;)

Im pretty sure most of us enjoy the 'speeds up your metabolism' benefit ;)
Images: Pintrest
A fan of green tea? Let me know :)

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  1. Not a fan but seeing the health benefits I will give it a try !!

  2. I was the same as you - tried green tea due to the health benefits but gulped it down as quick as I could too! Eventually I actually like it!! I particularly like green tea with jasmine :) Which kind do you buy? I'm a fan of Clipper & Twinings x

    PS. This comment keeps coming up anon for some odd reason?! Anyway's I joined your GFC too :)

    Dana (Mothernaturessnuggery) xx


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