Monday, 2 September 2013

NAILS: Different Looks with Zoya & Tip Top

Different Week, Different Nails
Featuring Zoya & Tip Top

Here are a few pics of my nails lately -read my reviews of Zoya & Tip Top here to find out why I love these brands.

Zoya Bevin and Tip Top Armourplate

Zoya Melanie

Zoya Kara

Tip Top Marshmellow Bunny and Essence Nail Art Stickers (for that spring look)

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  1. Such pretty colours. That teal shade looks gorgeous on your nails. I've never tried Zoya.

  2. Beautiful colours !!

  3. The tip top marshmallow bunny is such a lovely shade of pink, I love it! :)

  4. Ive been waiting forever for Zoya to get here, but quite disappointed its super pricey! Or am I being dumb?


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