Wednesday, 16 July 2014

STYLE: A Pop Of Green

Outfit Post

Hi lovies!

So this was an impromptu shoot - I got dressed for a casual meeting and my mom loved my look so much that she quickly took some photos of me in our garden. We're repainting our house so while we took some quick snapshots I had an audience aca-awkward haha. 

I decided to jazz up my all black outfit with this green leather jacket (obviously not real leather) and a colourful printed scarf. I love these black wedge boots that I'm wearing, I always feel more confident in heels and lets just admit, you feel like you can run a marathon in wedges right? 

Jacket - My Mom's Jacket
Leggings - Woolworths
Black Wedge Boots - Mr Price
Scarf - Forever 21
Watch - Jewels & Lace
Ring - Lovisa

Colourful jackets are the easiest way to add some fun to drab outfits - don't get me wrong though, I love wearing black but if I wore all black everyday some people might think I belong to a coven haha so that's why I like to add some fun statement pieces to basic outfits. 

Do you have any fun statement jackets?

Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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  1. Stunning !! Love the green !!

  2. Very pretty!!!

  3. Did your mom teach at Lynnwood Ridge Primary? I happened across Google+ which showed you were in Willowridge (I was in both schools), and there aren't many "Taylor-Memmory's" floating around.

    1. Hi :) Yes she did! Were you a pupil of hers? Haha not def not a lot of T-M's around! Will ask her now if she taught you :)

    2. I was yes, Std 4 I think. She gave me maths, and maybe art (my memory is fuzzy) :) Small world :) Keep in mind this was 24 years ago *eeekk*


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