Tuesday, 5 August 2014

EVENT: Project Pedicure

Project Pedicure with The Laser Beautique & SAID

Last week Monday I attended the "Project Pedicure" event hosted by The Laser Beautique and SAID (Society for Animals In Distress). The event was held at the SAID's farm in Midrand and marked the start of the Project Pedicure. 

Through Project Pedicure, 50 horses that work in the Thembisa Coal Yards will receive new shoes thanks to The Laser Beautique. As someone who loves animals, this project is important to me as it's a way to help the communities in the Thembisa area as well as the beautiful horses that provide their owners with the opportunity of earning a living by providing coal to the community. 

Below are some photos from the event.

Above is a photo of Fawn from Deer Delights, Chicara from Lipgloss Kisses and I receiving our pedicures in support of the horses and The Laser Beautique

A bit more about SAID "Established in 1958, The Society for Animals in Distress (SAID), a non-profit organisation, recognised a critical need for primary health and professional veterinary care for animals in the townships of Johannesburg. SAID works in 8 townships north and north-east of Johannesburg. Within Tembisa, by far the largest township they operate in, they service approximately 180 equine through The Coal-Yard Project which was established in 2004 providing education, veterinary care, guidance and expertise in ensuring healthy animals and responsible ownership. Each winter, SAID shoes the horses on the programme and from April through to August they target 40 to 50 equine a month."

You can help support this cause by booking your next mani or pedi at The Laser Beautique, I often go to the one in Woodlands, Pretoria and I just love the staff there! The more pedicure that are done, the more horses can be shoed each year, so come on ladies get your toes ready for spring and lets help these horses!

Below are some photos taken by Michelle Wastie

Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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  1. I will SO be supporting this cause !! Thanks Glam Green Girl !! An amazing post !

  2. I was invited to this event but couldn't make it! :(
    I love horses!


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