Tuesday, 22 September 2015

[REVIEW]: Clipin Hair

Beach Blonde Hair Extensions from Clipinhair 

Long princess hair, it's what every girl dreams of! While some beauties manage to achieve Rapunzel status, some need a little help from the hair extension fairy godmothers!

While I do take extra care of my hair to make sure it's healthy, a bit of extra length is what I've been dreaming of. I have a lot of hair, but it's a lot of fine hair and it sure takes it's time to grow so these Beach Blonde hair extensions from Clipinhair are perfect for those days I want to dazzle with my hair. 

When applying your clipin extensions, start from the bottom of you hairline and slowly work your way up and then towards the sides. Here is a video from Clipinhair that demonstrates how to attach your extensions. 

You also get a step-by-step guide with your extensions which helps when you are putting them in for the first time. 

Here is a before and then an after photo:

I recently took some style photos and was wearing my awesome new extensions, the first post that features them is this Rugby style post . I haven't curled them yet as I've been enjoying them straight but will curl them when I have a big event to get ready for. 

Right, so you've purchased your extensions, what else will you need? I recommend the clipin carrier (R80.00) which safely stores your extensions and then you need to use a Tangle Teezer (which I've recently reviewed on my blog - here). Great news is that you can purchase a Tangle Teezer from Clipinhair for R190.00 and get one FREE (special runs till the 30th of September). This helps maintain your extensions without damaging them. 

The shade I'm wearing is called Beach Blonde in 20" and 120g and will be available on the site next month. You can email Clipinhair before hand if you want to pre-order it. 

You know how I love playing with my hair colour so can we quickly take a moment to look at these silver extensions - swooooooon! 

If you do order a set, use the discount code 'glamgreengirl' and you will get R100 off! Yay!

So what do you think of my mermaid hair?

Thanks for leaving a comment. It's always great to hear from you. ♥

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