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Glam and Green Autumn Care - Part 3

Part 3, the final part, on Autumn Care


So here we are, the final part of Glam and Green Autumn Care.. This part's contributors are Chantelle from SOil Organic Aromatherapy and Body Care and Tasha Saha from Miöja. Both Chantelle and Tasha will focus a bit more on the body - such great information!

Enjoy my Glam and Green darlings

Chantelle from SOil:

Chantelle believes that the most common winter skin complaint is dry skin and that you should start changing your skin care routine as of now. She suggests the following products (pictures to follow below)

  •  For your body : Shea Butter - it helps nourish and protect dry skin. Shea butter is a natural moisturiser. It also helps improve skin conditions such as fading scars, eczema, psoriasis, burns, rashes, acne and stretch marks.
  • For your face: An organic beauty balm. Made from Cape chamomile and Rosemary to decongest and tone the skin as well as Shea butter and lavender oil which helps regenerate cells and prevent wrinkles.
  • For your health: Vaporising the following oils in oil burners or using them in steam inhalations can greatly reduce the risk of common winter colds (5 drops can also be added to a bath/dropped on the shower floor) which will protect skin and act as a steam inhalation. Chantelle suggests Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Oil.

From previous post you'd know I'm fan of essential oils, tea tree oil & eucalyptus are among my favourites. Thanks for the information Chantelle, I never thought of using the oils on the shower floor!

Check out SOil's website for more great products - click here
PS: look out for a review on SOil products coming soon

Lastly, we have Tasha from Miöja

Tasha who is the founder of Miöja is also a yoga instructor so listen up yoga lovers ;)

Be Well This Winter
It’s a normal part of being in rhythm with the natural world to feel yourself slowing down as temperatures start to cool and winter approaches. When the days become shorter, it’s delicious to stay in by the fire with a trashy novel, drinking cocoa and sleeping in late whenever possible. During the colder months, we often become far less active, mummifying ourselves in layers of clothing and enjoying richer, stodgier foods.
But by giving in too entirely to the slow, heavy energies of the season we can compromise our internal balance. Our immunity can become weakened, making us more susceptible to colds and flu. We may put on weight, feel lethargic and have skin that looks dull and depleted. A few easy adjustments to your daily routine can help you to stay balanced this winter. Here are six natural ways to protect, nourish and invigorate your skin and keep your inner fire stoked, so that you stay warm and bright from the inside out.
Dry Skin Brushing for five minutes a day every morning gets your circulation jump-started; boosting your immunity, oxygenating skin cells and helping your body to throw off toxins. Expect smoother, brighter, more even skin and a spring in your step as you start the day. Click here for more detailed info and instructions. A gentle, natural exfoliator provides similar benefits to facial skin.
Moisture Within and Without can be supported by choosing a natural facial moisturiser and body cream with a richer formulation. Creams with plant oil bases are often high in valuable Essential Fatty Acids, which nourish and strengthen the skin against the elements. Even oily skins will benefit in the winter months, as applying cream after bathing helps to lock in moisture and keeps skin plump and gorgeous for longer. A good, natural clay mask can help to cleanse sluggish skin and blocked pores while providing intensive hydration. All-natural lip treatments protect and truly nourish delicate skin where petroleum-based formulas can inhibit production of the skins own lipids. Most importantly, remember to drink plenty of water on cold days as heaters and fires indoors can be even more dehydrating than the summer sun.
Warming Spices help to support and stimulate the circulation and make your digestive processes more efficient, counteracting that heavy, lethargic feeling. Eat foods spiced with Ayurvedic winter favorites ginger, cinnamon and cardamom, or drink spice infused tea. Massage oils and facial treatments containing these same warming plant extracts keep the skin and the senses awake and alive.
Temperature Control keeps your skin from suffering excessive dryness, and the rashes and bumps caused by overheating. Layer up with natural, breathable fabrics instead of artificial fibres, and make sure your sleepwear is light and natural too. Hot baths and showers can be profoundly drying to the skin so keep them cooler if you can.
Clear Congestion by using a Neti Pot at the first sign of the sniffles (or every morning as a preventative if you can!). Flushing the sinuses with warm salt water keeps the upper respiratory tract cleansed and prevents it from becoming a breeding ground for germs. Read more here Yogic breathing practices like Kaphalabhati cleanse every part of the respiratory system, oxygenate the cells for glowing skin and a wide-awake mind, and stimulate the digestion, preventing toxic build up in the body. Avoiding dairy, sugar, and yeasty or fried foods will also help to keep congestion to a minimum.
Keep Moving in a steady, sustained way with daily yoga to keep your body systems active and balanced without depleting your energy when it is at a natural ebb. Practicing Surya Namaskar/ Sun Salutes as you start your day can boost circulation to every part of the body and keep it from becoming inflexible in cold weather (making other forms of activity far more appealing!). Be sure to start very slowly and mindfully to allow your body to warm up before asking it to move at a more vigorous pace. Inversions, (poses where the head is lower than the hips) and standing balances are great cold weather poses too.
This winter, avoid ill health, depleted skin and the winter blues by working to balance the tendency towards lack of movement and holding on that the colder season brings. Internally, the correct food and fluid intake, gentle exercise and simple cleansing practices help to keep body and mind active and healthy. Externally, adapting to the winter environment by controlling skin temperature and using nourishing natural skincare keeps you looking and feeling vibrant and beautiful.
 Wishing you a warm and wonderful winter!
The suggestions given here are not intended as a substitute for consultation with a Medical or Alternative Health practitioner. Please seek out a qualified Yoga Instructor for training in yogic breathing practices and asana.

Thanks so much for that valuable info Tasha! In a couple of weeks I will be doing a review on a few of Mioja's products and will explain the brands views a bit more. A lot of you will be happy to know that Mioja is not only focused on being organic, but holistic too!

I really hope you've all enjoyed the 3 Autumn Care sections and learnt something new? Let me know what bit of information you found most interesting?

In case you missed the previous parts - here are the links Part 1 & Part 2

Seasons change, and so do we. So do our bodies, our skins, our lifestyles, our goals etc ~ embrace change

The Glam Green Girl

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  1. Brilliant information from lovely people !! Would love to know where to get a Neti pot ? Thanks for this post !! Learning so much and looking forward to tryng different products , the problem is which one .... they all look fab !!!

    1. Hi there! Thanks for such a great response! click on this link for Tasha's info on a Neti pot xXx


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