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SOil Review

A Review on SOil products

As I mentioned in my post Glam and Green Autumn Care - Part 3 - which featured advice from SOil, I said I would be doing a review on two of their products, and I'll also give you some info on the company. The two products I got a chance to review is their Kenyan Shea Butter 100% organic as well as the Treemendus certified organic Tea Tree Bodywash. First a bit about SOil itself...

SOil is a South African company producing certified organic aromatherapy and bodycare products. All of their products are produced in South Africa and they source many ingredients from Africa and support local communities where possible. One of SOil's main and most well-known products is their essential oils - but what I love most about SOil is that their essential oils are not just a brand that they bulk in bulk and repackage. SOil actually farms many of the oils and distills them on their farm in the Zululand!

Talking about essential oils, Chantelle from SOil sent me this bit of information that I think you might find interesting:

What makes Certified Organic Essential Oils the Better Choice for You and the Environment?
When considering this answer, we need to reflect on the environment and the product.
Environment: Growing our plants organically means that no chemicals ie. pesticides or fertilizers are used. It has been proven that using these chemicals kills off micro-organisms in the soil, therefore reducing soil diversity. These chemicals also pollute our groundwater, killing off fish and marine life as well as polluting our drinking water. By not using these chemicals results in nutrient rich, fertile soil, which nourishes the plants and protects water quality, plant life and wildlife. Therefore farming organically leads to a cleaner and more natural environment.
Product: Since it takes a great deal of plant material to create even a small amount of essential oil and due to the way that essential oils are produced, residues of pesticides in concentrated form may appear in the oil if not produced organically. Organic farming ensures that the end product is free of many of these residual toxins and results in a purer and more effective oil. Comforting to know when you consider that 60% of what you put onto your skin is absorbed into your body!

interesting hey?

Before I move onto the products, here is just a bit of information on Treemendus:
Treemendus is South Africa's first and only certified organic range of Tea Tree personal care products - and I'm sure you've gathered from previous posts that I'm a fan of Tea Tree Oil! The oil from the Tea Tree leaf has been proven as most versatile and beneficial because of its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties!

Now, onto the products:

SOil Kenyan Shea Butter

The only ingredient in this little tub - Butyrospermum Parkii aka Shea Butter! 100%organic!
Shea Butter is especially great during the harsh winter months, it is a powerful and natural moisturiser that protects as well as nourishes dry, damaged skin. It is high in both vitamins A and E which helps improve skin conditions such as scarring; eczema; psoriasis; burns; rashes; acne and stretch marks! It's also gentle enough to be used on babies.

Whats great about this product is that a little bit goes a long way. You only need to soften a small amount in your palms to use on your face, body and hair - yes that's right, your hair as well! I like to use it at night on my body and face to let it works its magic while I sleep. I also really enjoy that you can use it as a hair treatment! So great especially now in the dry cold seasons, apply a thin layer on your hair 20 minutes before washing it! Natural hair treatment - Glam and Green ;)

Treemendus Tea Tree Bodywash:

Oh Tea Tree Oil, how I love you! Not only is this bodywash made from Tea Tree leaf extract but also rose geranium and peppermint essential oils! So the Tea Tree cleanses and protects, the rose geranium balances and the peppermint soothes the skin and improves circulation. Lather it all over your body and then take a minute to breathe in the aroma! The ingredients invigorate the senses and its natural!
I like this product especially since it will be my travel buddy for my trips to Zambia - Tea Tree is a natural bug repellent!

Check out SOil's twitter page ( click here ) they have such interesting facts on there - I always learn from their tweets!
And for more info on their products go visit their website

Have you tried any of their products? Let me know in a comment or tweet @GlamGreenGirl

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