Monday, 27 August 2012

Better Life and Harmless House product launch

The Launch for Harmless House and Better Life Products

Last week I was invited to attend the Harmless House Media Event at the lovely Aroma Cafe in Fourways. Kate Townsend and Tracey Pictor from Harmless House introduced us to two new ranges (available on the Harmless House online store and in some selected stores) , the Better Life range and a range from Harmless House.
Both these ranges are about making your home greener
Better Life
Better Life was started in 2008 by two fathers who were concerned about their children's safety with the chemicals that are used in house hold products. The Better Life range is cruelty free, vegan and free from sulphates;ethoxylates; fragrances; SLS phosphates; ammonia; bleach; dyes and Volatile Organic Compounds such as alcohol. Although they are free from all of this, they still clean just as effectively as normal household cleaning products.
The Better Life range includes the following:
What- EVER: all purpose cleaner
Simply Floored: floor cleaner
Take it for Granite: High end stone surface cleaner
I can see clearly, WOW: window/glass cleaner
Einshine: Stainless Steel cleaner
Oak-Y-Dokey: wood polish
Even The Kitchen Sink: deep cleaning scrubber for all surfaces
Dish It Out: Dish washing liquid
Automatic Magic: automatic dishwasher liquid
Liquid Soaps
Hand Lotions
I'll be posting a review soon on the Oak-Y-Dokey cleaner
Don't you just love the names of the products?
At the event there were flowers on the tables in what seemed to be water, but in actual fact  they were in the Better Life cleaning solutions! Amazing right? Its all natural so why not?
Harmless House
Harmless House also launched their own range of house hold cleaners that leaves things spick and span but don't harm the environment as they are washed down the drain.
These products are free from sulphates; phosphates and harmful chemicals. They are water course and septic tank friendly; certified cruelty free; 100%biodegradable and gentle on your skin.
The Harmless House range includes the following products:
Laundry Gel
Surface Cleaner
Toilet Cleaner
Dishwashing Liquid
Dog Shampoo
Along with my Better Life Oak-Y-Dokey review, I will also be posting a review on the Harmless House Laundry Gel
All these products are available online at The Harmless House website , while browsing you might find some great body products as well ;) Here's the link to one of my favourite products from Harmless House which I use weekly.
Look out for those reviews which will be posted soon
Do you use any of these products?
The Glam Green Girl
Ps: Thank you to Harmless House and Tynago Communications for a wonderful event xXx

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  1. I love the story about the Dad's creating these products !! Love the names of the products !! I am looking forward to using the dishwashing liquid , as I have cracked hands from the commercial products !
    Great stuff !!


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