Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tips for a Glam and Green Salon

Eco-Tips for a Salon

Here are a few tips on how to turn your hair salon into a Glam and Green salon:

1) Produce oxygen - feature some pot plants around the salon, make it greener by using old containers or tins as the pots. Its attractive and balances out the carbon dioxide emissions

2) Use low energy lighting - low energy light bulbs last a lot longer and use up to 60% less energy

3) Recycle - place recycling bins in your salon for staff as well as customers to use

4) switch off bluetooth and wifi - when not in use, switch off the bluetooth and wifi feature on your phones and personal computers as its boosts your battery life, saving you having to charge your phone constantly which uses a lot of electricity

5) Save water - turn off the tap while massaging in your clients hair products, example treatments or whilst giving them a head massage

6) Use green cleaning products - switch to green cleaning products in the salon, better for you and your clients, better for the environment

7) Only use the washing machine when full - Only once the washing machine if full with the salons towels etc, let it run. Also try and run it as a cold wash, it saves electricity and is just as efficient.

8) Embrace the natural light - make sure your windows are always sparkly clean so you can embrace the natural light from the sun, this gives the salon a warmer feel, uses less electricity and allows you to accurately read your clients hair colour

9) Switch off unnecassary lights - switch off unnecessary lights in the salon, especially at night when there is no need for them to be on

10) Inspire your clients - share tips with your clients on how they can become greener at home and what you've done to be more eco friendly at the salon

all images: Pintrest

A lot of these tips can also be incorporated in your home - simple Glam and Green changes that can make a difference

The Glam Green Girl

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  1. Some great ideas that can be used within a home or normal office environment as well :)

  2. Good ideas !! We can apply them at home as well !!


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