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Spring Care - Part 3

Hello my Glam & Green darlings! I really hope you've enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2!
For Part 3, its a triple whammy that will consist of information from Essentially Tessa; Tip Top Nails and Balm Balm!
Enjoy xXx
Tessa, Essentially Tessa
And like the season suggests we must have a spring in our step, a bounce in our walk and a song in our soul. Where is the magic that hides within Spring? Is it the warmth of the sun, the blossoms and the fragrance from honey suckle and jasmin, sweet pea and fruit blossoms, I am sure it is, but it is the magic and the wonderment of re-birth. It is the cycle of new beginnings. The magic is in the abundance of colour and in the power to create all this from hidden sources, the magic is hidden within expectation. We eagerly await the next cycle, summer. Summer will bring forth the cycle of ripening.

With winters cold season of hibernation behind us, we now shed the layers of clothing, and we want to feel the warm kiss of the gentle spring sun upon our skins. It is time to pack away the heavy Shea butter and cocoa butter lotions. (Use the winter left overs for when you have had a few too many hours in the sun, it will then re-hydrate the skin.)

Lotions made from macadamia and avocado oil are rich in nutrients and will keep the skin supple and well hydrated. But the best advice I can give for spring and summer is to use hydrosols.

Hydrosols, also known as floral waters are products from steam distilling plant materials, such as lavender, rose geranium and orange flowers. Hydrosols are like essential oils but in far less of a concentration. It is a bit denser than water because of the nutrients it contains. When a distiller brews flowers, he or she fills a large pot with water, the steam fills the pot, as the heat rises it fills the pot and causes the the glands of the plants to burst open and release the oils and essence of the plant into the steam. The essential oil however rises through a condenser and collects in a separate container.
Thanks Tessa, such useful information
ps: look out for a comeptition where you can win a prize from Essentially Tessa!!!

Cheri, Tip Top Nails

Why Nails Are the Biggest Trend in Beauty – Summmer 2012

From punk rock black to vampy red, the colour on your nails can often speak louder than many other beauty choices. Fast fashion has made ready-to-wear clothing trends inescapable, so importance has been placed on beauty and accessories when it comes to creating a cohesive head-to-toe look. Everything from the colour of your hair to the "it" shoes on your feet are reflective of the trend-centred society in which we live.
In an economic crisis, shoppers often flock to beauty products as a more affordable luxury. In the past, nail colour was just another part of the beauty look on the runway, but recently, nail colour has become a marketable and very saleable part of the collection. To wit, Tip Top's seasonal lacquer collections are among the most coveted and typically move off the shelf as soon as they are released.
Whether or not the varnish is designer or drugstore, the fascination with nails is just another step towards a complete personal style, all the way down to your fingertips. Nail design is limitless, which makes it the perfect way to accent anyone’s personal style.
The main nail trends for this season are hot bright colours, pastel thrown in between, glitter and nail art
It’s that time of the year gain which means the launch of the spring beauty collections, which in turn means the introduction of brand new nail colours. Pretty pastels, sunny brights and whatever covetable shades that fashion houses have dreamt up - these nail colours are the ones we'll be pairing with our new season sandals, and painting onto nails that will no longer be concealed by boots.

For spring 2012, a floral palette is clearly evident with petal pinks, pretty lilacs and leafy greens abounding - everywhere there will be bold colours mixed and matched with soft pastels. These colours, prescribe one of the prettiest seasons for hands and feet in a long time. Colour Blocking will be a BIG trend this season,
you can keep it simple within the same colour family or go bold and crazy—whatever suits your mood!
Tricks for wearing summer trends:
- If you love a colour but it is a bit too "in your face" when it's on your fingers then wear it on your toes.

- You could also buy a clear glitter polish and put this over the top of the colour.

- Try wearing a favourite colour of polish and wear the "tricky" colour on your ring finger only. Accent nails are ‘in’

- If you don't want to waste money on a colour that you may not like on your nails, pop a small roll of adhesive tape in your bag before you go shopping then wrap a little around the end of your finger and ask if you can paint the colour on the tape over your nail to see how you like it.

- If there is a colour you really like, wear it!

To show how easy it is to create Glam and Green nails that suit spring I bought these three polishes the other day from Clicks (R39,99)
Im officially obsessed with glitter nail polish to add a bit of sparkle!
A friend posted this picture the other day - also loving Tip Tip
 Thanks Melissa for the photo
Thanks Cheri - some great tips!
Susan, Balm Balm

The birds are singing, the jasmine has started to bloom and your heart is happy because spring is (finally) here!
Chances are your skin is moaning, sobbing and screaming after the long, cold dry winter.  The elements take its toll on skin in particular – low humidity, hot air, heat and almost no fresh air leaves skin feeling stressed, dry, undernourished and probably a little older <big sad wrinkled face>
Paired with this is the stodgy food we tend to comfort ourselves with in the colder months.  Spinach salad or macaroni cheese?  Hmmmm.  Plus loads of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and very little water will leave your skin severely hydrated.  Nevermind the fact that your digestive system is crying out for live food like fresh fruit and vegetables.
Remember the golden rule of health – balance your acid/alkaline levels.  Disease and chronic conditions can only survive in highly acidic environments.  If your system is alkaline and perfectly balanced...cancer doesn’t have a chance!  Just like your skin, your pH balance is so important.
Don’t forget about your digestive system – it’s the first elimination route for toxins, your skin being the second.  Live food for live bodies.  Dead food is for dead bodies.
Opt for colourful living food and your skin will glow from the inside out.  Colourful food means it’s packed full of antixodants.  The more colourful your plate, the younger you’ll look.  Beige, brown & white makes for wrinkles and sagginess.  (Did someone say macaroni cheese?)
1.       Eat alkaline food. Take Omega 3,6,9 supplements or Flax Seed Oil.  You’ll notice shinier hair and glowing skin in no time.  If you suffer from severely dehydrated skin and you drink 2 litres of water a day, you may be suffering from a lack of natural oils in your diet.
2.       Scrub:  but be careful...your skin shouldn’t get the same treatment as your potato bake dish after a rugby braai!  Only scrub once a week or once every two weeks (depending on how thin and delicate your skin is) 
3.       Moisturise:  Get a good antioxidant serum for your face, a good (paraben-free) body moisturiser and a balm that can double up for hands and feet.  Above all...keep it simple! 
4.       Hydrate:  Stay away from energy drinks, or hydration fluids.  Just drink good old-fashioned water.  Don’t be fooled by marketing...they are packed full of sugar, artificial colorants and other nasty ingredients that will just rob your body and your skin of precious health. 
5.       Ease up on the chemicals:  Be aware of what chemicals are in your make-up (switch to a mineral or organic type if you can) our beauty products are absolutely laden with horrific ingredients, some are made from animal by-products, and some contain heavy metals which are extremely toxic for human life.  And most block your pores and can cause breakouts. 
Side Bar*
Ahem...what’s alkaline?
Alkaline foods are all citrus fruits (lemon is amazing) – it may sound acidic, but when it hits your body it immediately turns neutral.  All fresh fruit and vegetables are great alkaline foods.
Eg:  fresh green salad  with a variety of seeds, veggies, sprouts and a home-made salad dressing made from lemon, olive oil, vinegar (a little) Commercially sold salad dressings are full of RUBBISH! 
So what’s acidic?
You guessed it.  All meat, fish, chicken, wheat, dairy, sugar.  You’ve heard it all before. 
Eg: A deep-fried corn dog with chips and a coke.  Really?  Somebody actually covered a Vienna in batter and then deep-fried it?  Maybe don’t eat that.  Ever.
Our Spring Skincare product recommendations:
The more natural and organic your skincare route is – the less make-up you use.  You might say that you could tell – but I haven’t used foundation or base since I’ve switched to an organic skincare regime.  I simply use mascara, eyeshadow and sometimes if I look a bit pale I use a bit of light bronzing powder.  LESS IS MORE!
Thanks Susan!
Wow! What great information! Thanks ladies, and thank you to those who contributed to Part 1 and Part 2 !
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