Thursday, 15 November 2012

Kriki for Shore

A Cool Concept: Kriki For Shore
So here's three things to know about me:
1) I love the ocean - I think I mention my love for the sea in every post related to the ocean, yes I am a mermaid
2) I love recycling and reusing - the name The Glam Green Girl should give that one away ;)
3) I love cricket - something that my girlfriends just dont understand about me!
So imagine when I saw that 'Kriki For Shore' was following me on twitter and I saw what they were all about! A company that re-uses waste material including plastic and bottle-tops collected from South African beaches to create beach cricket sets!

Here's a bit more information about Kriki For Shore:
" There are two different types of Kriki sets: 100% hand-made sets that focus on a message of “reusing” waste (each bat is made entirely from waste material collected in coastal communities); and moulded plastic sets made from 60% recycled plastic that aim to educate on how useful waste plastic can be. Each set includes a bat and a ball and wickets."

At R185 per set you are helping to clean up the environment; creating jobs; teaching kids to be active and to participate in sport; educating kids how important it is to recycle and re-use as well as not too litter! Plus you have something for the kids to play with during December holidays!
Pretty awesome hey!
For more information visit Kriki For Shore on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @kriki4shore. To order sets email
"I dont like cricket.. no no.. I LOVE it" - oh and another thing about me, I love to sing haha ;)


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  1. Such a cool idea from Kriki !! Well resourced Glam Green Girl !!!


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