Thursday, 6 December 2012

Glam and Green Gift Guide

A Gift Guide for a Glam and Green Christmas
I'm sure many of you are like me and seem to leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute every year! Well don't worry, Ive put together a few items that might make deciding what to buy everyone a bit easier!
Happy shopping!

Gifts for her…

1) White sugar scrub & Body oil R130 - Naturals Beauty
2) Mascara R130 - Greenlove
3) Sanctum Body Polish - R250 Harmless House
4) Soy Lites R160 - Faithful To Nature
5) Mini Starter Facial Set R340 - Balm Balm
6) Eyeshadow R130- Greenlove
7) Beach and Surf Nail polish (price still to be confirmed) - Zoya
8) Mango & Vanilla body Scrub R103 - The Victorian Garden
9) Water Bottle R160 - Faithful To Nature
Gifts for him…
1) Aftershave lotion and gel body wash R125 - Naturals Beauty
2) Sanctum Men's Essentials Pack R100 - Harmless House
3) Face Wash R125 - Just Pure
4) Rawlicious Spices and book R300 - Faithful To Nature
5) Recovery Bath and Body Oil R275 - Balm Balm
6) Water Bottle R160 - Faithful To nature
7) Men's Kit R200 - The Victorian Garden
Gifts for everyone…
1) Oil burner R95 - SOil Organics
2) Heart shaped clock R160 - Greenlove
3) Biodegradable paper lanterns R150 - Faithful To Nature
4) Natural Sunscreen R200 - Natures Colours
5) Water Jug R245 - Faithful To Nature
6) Wayfarers (price to be confirmed) - Hout Couture
7) Solar powered paving stones R99 - Faithful To Nature
8) Fragrance Free Face Balm R140 - Balm Balm
Stocking Fillers…
1) Lavender Oil R60 - SOil Organics
2) Sanctum Soap R50 - Harmless House
3) Men's Hemp Socks R53 - Greenlove
4) Lip Treatment (price to be confirmed) - Mioja
5) Raw Chocolate R49 - Faithful To Nature
6) Hand Cream R26 Faithful To Nature
7) Rose Geranium Lip Balm R67 - Balm Balm
8) Wild Fig and Poppy Bar Soap R21 - The Victorian Garden
9) Ladies Hemp Socks R53 - Greenlove
I really hope this Gift Guide has inspired you to choose some wonderful gifts that are Glam and Green for the ones you love!
Let me know if you choose any of this gifts that I picked out!


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