Monday, 3 December 2012

Tips for a Glam and Green Summer

How to be Glam and Green this Summer
Can you believe it is already the last month of 2012? Where has this year gone?
Last month I posted about how I love November - one of the reasons I love it, is because it rolls onto December, a magical time of the year ©
Its my 100th post so why not write about something I love, summer! I've been excited to write this post for a while now, always thinking of new tips to add, so I really hope it inspires you and helps you out!
Tips for a Glam and Green Summer:
© Wear your sunscreen!!! It is SO important to protect your skin while outdoors - why not try a natural sunscreen
© Now that the weather is warmer, its easier to eat all your fruits and veggies instead of reaching for the warm comfort food
Why not even make yummy fruit smoothies for breakfast or as a snack?
© Don't spend your weekends indoors, go out and enjoy nature, chill at the beach; go for a hike; have a picnic in the garden
© swap your morning cup of coffee for a cup of anti-oxidant rich green tea
© Take some time out for yourself - December is usually a busy month for everyone, relax and unwind from end of year stress
© Make sure to drink your 2 litres of water everyday - add some lemon and mint, so refreshing!
© Having a party at your house? Have seperate bins for glass, plastic and cans for people to throw their rubbish in - helps when cleaning up and sorting out the recycling
© Off to the coast or attending lots of pool parties? Look stylish while protecting your skin from the sun by wearing a large sun hat
© Wondering what to buy family and friends for Christmas? Why not something thats eco-friendly or organic? ps: look out for a gift guide soon
© switch one of your beauty products to an organic brand
© Already starting to wrap all your Christmas gifts? Do it the Glam and Green way
© Re-use glass jars as glasses for your party drinks
© Want more easy ways to be Glam and Green? Click on this link for a few simple tips
I hope all of these tips let you have a Glam and Green Summer xXx
Enjoy my Glam and Green darlings

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  1. Such a "cool" post !!!! Love it !!


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