Thursday, 11 April 2013


EcoPack's EcoWare Clamshells

A few days before Easter, I was sent a wonderful box of Easter goodies from EcoPack. Those of you that follow me on Twitter will see that I usually retweet EcoPack's helpful tweets (follow them to see what I'm talking about) - so imagine my delight when I received one of their EcoWare clamshells to check out!

Here is the link to my post where I first found out about EcoPack

Apart from the delicious chocolate Easter eggs I received in the clamshell, I became more impressed when I read more about it - here are some details:

EcoPack's EcoWare clamshells are made from bagasse. What is bagasse you ask? Well, it's a waste by-product of the sugar industry! Once the sugar has been extracted and instead of creating further greenhouse gasses by burning the remaining sugar cane, it is pulped and used to form tableware. They are microwave and freezer safe and are suitable for hot or cold foods.

These clamshells are 100% biodegradable; compostable and chlorine-free.

These clamshells are intended for single-use but at least you know that you can use it for your compost at home instead of it ending up in a land fill.

Wouldn't it be great if more restaurants and companies used packaging like this?

I'm impressed with this brand and love what they are doing to help the environment!

For more information - check their website

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  1. Thank you for this awesome review!
    Green hugs, EcoPack xx


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