Wednesday, 29 May 2013

GGG TIP: Foot Creams

The Glam Green Girl's Foot Cream Tip

I've decided to start a new series called "The Glam Green Girl's Tips" as a way of making your life easier, and for making better and greener choices!

My first tip has to do with foot cream! I drink a lot of water through out the day and during the night so when I go to sleep I'm always getting up to go to the bathroom. I really don't like wearing socks (only if its deathly cold) so I never used to put foot cream on as I would slide all the way to the toilet every night. But, your feet deserve to be pampered seeing as though we sometimes wear shoes that look better than they feel!

Since my foot cream was by my bed and I never used it, I forgot it was there. But then, I thought about putting it on before gym so it gave me an hour to be absorbed by my skin. I now keep my foot balm right next to my gym shoes and put it on before I put on my socks and trainers. This leaves me with soft feet and I'm no longer slipping and sliding around my room and bathroom.

Now that it's getting colder, why not put your foot cream near your boots or socks?

Hope this tip helped! Let me know what you think of this new series?

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