Monday, 27 May 2013

REVIEW: Dr Hauschka - Shower Balms

Dr Hauschka Rose Shower Balm

A Body wash with essential oils? Sold!
These shower balms are good for the mind; body and spirit. Soft and gentle on your skin with a divine fragrance, it makes shower time a spoiling.

Formulated with a high content of botanical oils, you don't feel the need to apply body lotion straight after your shower  With it being winter now and everyone having dry skin, these oils will be lapped up by your skin.

An important ingredient of the shower balm, is the quince seed. Quince seed helps protect the skin, boosts its ability to absorb moisture and makes the shower balms more even gentle on your skin.

I love the rose fragrance, and would definitely like to try the Almond one next! I think the Lavender Sandalwood would be great for unwinding at night and the Lemon Lemongrass a nice wake up scent for your morning shower.

Available from June 2013 - R215 for 200ml

Which one would you consider buying?

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1 comment:

  1. Would love to try the Rose one !!!


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