Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Choose Glass: Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

The Grip & Go Bottle for Consol's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

If you follow me on twitter and you've seen some of the pictures I've tweeted you will notice that I usually have a Consol Grip & Go bottle with me. Whether it be when I go to yoga, when I'm driving around or just at my desk - I love these bottles! I've even bought all the colours for my family so we can all use the bottles each day. 

I love using glass packaging as its pure and organic and ensures that your food and beverages won''t be contaminated. Another reason I love glass, it's 100% recyclable! For more info, read my blog post on glass (one of my first few blog posts!)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Consol have pledged to donate a percentage of all sales of the Pink Grip & Go bottle sold at Consol shops in October to fight against breast cancer!

Each Grip & Go is only R18,50 - so please help support the cause!

For more information follow Consol on twitter

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