Tuesday, 11 November 2014

REVIEW: SKNLogic Protect SPF30

Sunscreen from SKNLogic - Protect SPF30

Hi Beauties!
Being the summer baby that I am, I always make sure to wear a lot of sunscreen when I'm outside. While having a tan is nice, I believe well-cared for and looked after skin is much better in the long run.
The ladies from Freebees sent me this sunscreen to test out as they know I'm always on the lookout for exciting natural products, especially ones for summer.
Here's what this sunscreen contains:
♥ Titanium Dioxide - a natural UV light reflectant
♥ Vitamin E - protects the skin and assists in maintaining the skin's oil balance
♥ Zinc Oxide - Protects the skin from the sun and helps the skin to heal
♥ Vitamin C - Significant anti-oxidant and healing properties and helps increase collagen production
♥ Raspberry Extracts - promotes cell renewal; increases collagen production; improves skin elasticity and helps heal the skin.
So what are my thoughts on this sunscreen? Well to honest with you, I'm not a huge fan of natural sunscreens as I hate the thickness of them. When I'm out on the boat in Zambia I love an easy and light sunscreen but while I was in Cape Town I used this one and it worked well to protect my skin while I was sitting by the pool. I like the fact that it contains raspberry extracts as it's so good for your skin. Out of all the natural sunscreens I've tested this one has been the best for me so far.
This sunscreen does not contain parabens; sulphates; synthetic fragrance; synthetic colourants; lanolin derivatives; mineral oils or MIT's.
Sunscreen is so expensive these days (which I think is ridiculous as it's something we need to use everyday) but this one from SKNLogic is affordable at R111 for 75ml - you can find it here.
What do you think of natural sunscreens?
Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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