Tuesday, 20 January 2015

REVIEW: Marula Shampoo & Conditioner

Africa Organics Marula Shampoo & Conditioner
Hi beauties!
Today's review is a gush and gripe one! One like and one dislike :/
I'm a huge fan of the natural & organic brand Africa Organics so I was excited when I received these products to test out but unfortunately I'm not this biggest fan of this hair care range.
Let me start with the not-so-good and then move onto the good!
Applying conditioner is one of my favourite parts of my hair care routine, I just love how silky your hair feels after you've rinsed it out. This unfortunately was not the case after I used this conditioner, my hair was left feeling dry and tangled :( When I read a few reviews, it seemed like I wasn't the only one. It contains such great ingredients but it's just not suited for my hair.
Moving on though...
Despite not being impressed by the Marula conditioner, the shampoo was a different story. This Marula Shampoo smells amazing - a fresh and uplifting scent thanks to the added mint oil. It contains Marula to prevent breakage and Rooibos as an anti-oxidant. It lathers well but doesn't strip your hair thanks to the natural, biodegradable foaming agents. 
 While I may not recommend purchasing the Marula Conditioner, I do recommend that you buy the Marula Shampoo because not only is it ecological, it is also economical - you can get it from Faithful-To-Nature for only R44.00 for 200ml or just R13 for the travel size of 40ml!
Have you tried this hair care range? I'll be testing out the Mongogo range from Africa Organics soon so holding thumbs the conditioner is better!
Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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  1. So sad that the conditioner didn't work for you

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I chucked out both the shampoo and conditioner :( The shampoo didn't lather at oil and left my hair so gunky and dry - and the same went for the conditioner. My hair was incredibly dry and looked and felt dirtier afterwards. But, I suppose what works for some doesn't for others and I was so excited by the nice packaging and because it is all natural!

  3. I unfortunately wasn't impressed with either. Their body care ranges are great however they need to reformulate their hair care products ASAP.

    XoXo One stiletto At A Time


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