Thursday, 10 May 2012

DIY Beauty Recipes

A Few Do-It-Yourself Beauty Recipes

Its always great to spoil yourself at home so I found a few DIY beauty recipes to try on a night in plus they are all so simple

Whats better than treating yourself, and its all natural?
Glam and Green I'd say ;)

  1. Brown Sugar + Milk = body exfoliator
  2. Yogurt + Honey = sensitive skin and redness reliever
  3. Rosewater + Coconut Milk = relaxing bath
  4. Green Tea + water = fresh facial toner
  5. 2tbs honey + 2tbs milk = moisturising facial mask
  6. honey + warm bath water = skin softening bath
  7. Olive Oil = pre wash hair treatment
  8. Sugar + Olive Oil = body scrub
  9. Honey + cotton wool = Skin blemish remover
  10. Half an Avo + Honey = Mask for dry skin

Do you have any beauty recipes that you love?

The Glam Green Girl

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  1. Coconut oil can also be used as a prewash hair treatment. put on hair and leave on for a couple of hours, then wash twice with regular sjampoo and remember the conditioner. Lavender oil in your last rinsing water also helps to keep your scalp flake free...or at least, make it less.hehe

  2. Hi

    Do you have any tried and tested DIY facial scrubs you can recommend?

    Thanks. :)


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