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Glam and Green Autumn Care - Part 1

Autumn Care for your body & skin Part 1

As the southern hemisphere starts to experience colder weather, it is important to remember that the change in seasons also brings a change in our beauty routine. I've asked a few Glam & Green people from different brands to contribute and give information on what we should do for our skin and bodies in Autumn as well as winter.

Keep a look out as this is only part 1

hope you all enjoy xXx

My first contributor is Tessa Biagio form Essentially Tessa, as some of you may remember I've asked Tessa to contribute to a post before - Lovely Lavender - this is what she had to say about taking care of yourself in Autumn:

The glorious coloured leaves are covering the earth in a carpet of orange, red and gold.  The sun comes up a bit later and sets a bit earlier, yes it is officially autumn, and we feel the slight nibble of autumn's teeth on our skin.

As the cycle of seasons experience a change so do we go through a bodily change. Autumn is the time for cleansing and preparing our bodies for the cycle of re birth in spring. This is the time to make sure the immune system has a clear pathway to function optimally. If we take in consideration that our blood travels about 19 000km a day, isn't it worth the reflection and the understanding that we could assist the inner functions of our marvelous bodies.

In the words of Barack Obama: "Yes You Can!" we can assist our bodies. Your skin might feel a bit drier, due to the atmospheric change; the wind might cut a bit deeper, leaving our skins flaky and patchy, especially elbows, knees and hands. Remember the traveling blood and its 19 000 km journey around your body? It travels to feed and to nourish every organ and every cell. How can you make the feeding more efficient? By skin brushing. You remove the dead skin by brushing every day, you assist the lymphatic system by stimulating its laborious quest to rid the body of toxins. By doing so you improve the condition of your skin as well as the function of your immune system. And remember the skin is your first defense against the invasion of harmful bacteria and viruses. By keeping the skin glowing, healthy and free from excess dryness you protect your inner organs, your inner army of defense.

Autumn is the time to focus more on oil based lotions and creams, the thin layer of oil that you massage into your skin is further protection against harmful invasions, and if it is enhanced with aroma oils you will not experience the dreaded cold and flu symptoms. The best way to apply this precious oil is to first skin brush, preferably in the morning, this will further the course of protection,  massage the immune and skin strengthening oil into the body, then you should take a warm shower. The heat of the shower will help the oil to penetrate deeper into the body, giving our blood the change to absorb the protective qualities of the aroma oils.

So as the leaves fall, as the cold creeps closer and closer, remember, skin brush every day, use a good quality, preferably enhanced with aroma oils, body lotion or better still, body oil. Keep warm, instead of an electric blanket use a hot water bottle to warm up your bed. Keep healthy! 

Tessa has some really wonderful products that are so well priced - go check her facebook page and get in contact with her, Tessa will create products specifically for you and your needs

Ps: Tessa is making an amazing natural hair oil soon-cant wait to do a post on it soon!

My second contributor is Tanya du Bois from Naturals Beauty
- here are a few tips from her and the products she suggests using:

·         Avoid using harsh soaps
·         Add hydration by using a serum first – our Sweet Orange Wrinkle Banisher is wonderful under the Essentials Collection night cream
·         When washing your face use lukewarm rather than hot water
·         If you use a gel cleanser in Summer switch over to a Milk cleanser for the Autumn and Winter months – it’s a lot richer and more moisturising to your skin. I highly recommend our Essentials Collection milk cleanser if you are moving over to Milk
·         Exfoliate! Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and allow new skin to grow. When exfoliating your body use circulation motions starting from the feet up towards the neck area. Exfoliation should be done twice a week. After the 2nd exfoliation apply a hydrating masque for 15 – 20min. Stay away from clay based masques as these will draw moisture from your skin
·         Your feet and hands require extra attention as they have less oil glands than the rest of your body. After your bath or shower, go over your feed with a foot file. Then, before bed, smear your hands and feet with a good natural body butter (our avocado body butter is perfect for this). Cover your feet with socks and your hands with gloves. This will lock in the moisture overnight leaving you with silky soft hands and feet!

Tanya recommends the following:

Milk Cleanser
A creamy lotion that gently cleanses the skin and removes impurities and make-up. The anti-aging properties of the polyphenols (apple extract) and the omega oils (avocado oil) will moisturise, smooth, hydrate and refresh the skin. Sutherlandia and Cucumber keeps the skin healthy and improves skin radiance.

Hydrating Masque
A hydrating and purifying masque which will remove impurities from the skin, soothe, moisturise and nourish it. Chamomile extract have calming and protective properties. Anti-oxidants provided by Rooibos extract and Vitamin E to keep skin healthy and younger looking. Ideal for all skin types.
Use weekly. Apply a thin layer. Leave on for 20 min. Rinse with warm water.

I'll will be posting a review on these two products soon - so keep an eye out for the review

click here to see what products Tanya has on her website

I really hope you lovely people enjoyed this post and that you're looking forward to the rest ~ leave me a comment, dying to know what you think ;)

The Glam Green Girl

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  1. Just loved this post from your contributors ! Valuable news !!!

    1. Thank you! look out for Part 2! xXx


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