Wednesday, 21 November 2012

REVIEW: Badger Sunscreen

Totally Natural Sun Care from Badger
I am a summer girl through and through - I love spending time by the pool; soaking up the rays; maybe sipping on a cocktail ;)
So I just loved this product before I even tested it - a natural sunscreen - how cool!
I know a lot of beauty & skin experts advise you to stay out of the sun because of the risk of skin cancer but Ive always been protective of my skin in the sun by applying sunscreen. I'm pedantic about my face through! I always wear a high SPF and keep it covered as much as possible! People say that freckles are cute, but I'm not a fan of mine so I try keep my face out of the sun as much as possible - plus, 'say no to wrinkles'!
A bit more about the Badger Natural Sunscreen:
Protects with Minerals, not Chemicals
 Blocks Both UVB and UVA Rays – Broad Spectrum
High Ratings for Safety and Efficacy
Safe for your Whole Family
 Natural & Organic Base Ingredients
 Cruelty Free
 Safe for the Environment
 Good for Your Skin
I received the SPF 30+ unscented sunscreen - perfect for when I want good coverage during my trips to Zambia, and I plan on taking it along with me to Mozambique at the end of the year.
I'm also quite keen to buy the SPF 15 for when I want to build up a tan while still looking after my skin, the SPF 30 All Season Face Stick to cover my freckles, as well as the SPF 30 sunscreen & anti-bug repellent for Zambia.
The sunscreen is quite thick - so a little goes a long way! I enjoy that it wasn't scented, sometimes I feel a sunscreens 'fragrance' is too strong and puts your off wearing it.
There are a few different sunscreens in the range:
SPF 15 Lightly scented sunscreen
SPF 30+ Lightly scented sunscreen
SPF 30+ Unscented sunscreen
SPF 30+ Baby sunscreen
SPF 30+ Sunscreen & Anti-Bug Insect Repellent
SPF 30+ All Season Face Stick
SPF 15 Unscented Lip Balm Stick
- I definitely want to try some of these, always great to have lots of sunscreen handy!

Click on this link to see where you can buy it from
Soak up some free and natural Vitamin D while still being protected with Badger Natural Sunscreen :)

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  1. So great you have found a natural sunscreen !! Will definitely look into it !!

  2. I am SO buying this product .... hate the smell of shop bought sunscreens and this is so much better for you !!!


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