Thursday, 23 May 2013

REVIEW: Meadowsweet Bath Salts

Sore Muscle Bath Soak from Meadowsweet

I still had a bit of my voucher from Faithful to Nature that I received from family friends for my birthday left over and I'm a girl that loves her baths! Recently I've started going to the gym more often and love practising yoga, all of this however takes a toll on your body and sometimes a hot bath can make it feel better!

I fell in love with this product as soon as I used it! The scent is so fresh and leaves you feeling so invigorated!

Here are the simple ingredients:
epsom salts
bicarbonate of soda
mustard powder
eucalyptus oil
lemon verbena
mountain mint
eucalyptus leaves

Not only are these ingredients great for tired and sore muscles, but also help relieve sinsus! I used this bath soak every night when I was so sick to try help relieve the congestion, Im a big fan of Eucalpytus oil when you feeling a cold coming along!

It's R74 for 250ml from Faithful To Nature, definitely worth it! I will be ordering some again soon!

I will however warn you, its a grassy bath haha! You will have leaves floating around you but at least you know its good for you and not gross chemicals surrounding you!

I also ordered the Lavender Bath Salts, so relaxing!
I've become such a fan of this brand!

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  1. Love Meadowsweet! This product sounds amazing...especially for a stiff, sore over-worked neck! Definitely going to give it a go! x

  2. Sounds amazing !! Will give it a try !!!

  3. I love the combo of oils they have used, awesome blend.


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