Friday, 22 May 2015

[REVIEW]: Babor Lip Repair Balm

Basic Care Lip Repair Balm from Babor

Winter for me can be summed up in two words, cold & dry. Here in Gauteng your skin gets so dry, no matter how many oils you slather on and that's not too mention how dry your lips feel! As I said on my tweet yesterday, this product will be your new best friend in winter.
Made from Argan oil; shea butter; avocado oil; sesame oil; soja oil and olive oil, this lip balm helps protect your lips, nourishes them and leaves them soft and supple.
This lip balm is unscented so its perfect to use day or night. How gorgeous is the packaging? Perfect to pop into your handbag and whip out in front of friends, although I'm super stingy with this lip balm because I love it so much haha.
It's pricey, R154.00, but I hate dry lips so I definitely think it's worth it. You can order it from the Babor website here.
What are your favourite lip products during winter?
Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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