Monday, 13 July 2015

[REVIEW]: July Test Box 2015

First Impressions of The July Test Box
Dumb Blonde? Who you calling a Dumb Blonde? Don't worry TIGI, I've heard all the jokes before ;)
How gorgeous are these products? This is what you can expect in your July Test Box.
What's up with the packaging you may ask? Well The Test Box has partnered up with a few brands to create their own packaging so we can have more samples from more brands that don't offer sample sizes.
I used these products over the weekend so this is a first impressions post because I decided to keep the rest for my trip to Zambia in August because I enjoyed them so much!
This pink, shimmery shampoo has a sweet fragrance that reminds me of sweeties from when I was young and is a 'sticky' consistency which means you only need a small amount. It contains keratin and milk protein which helps rebuild your hair's strength and cares for chemically treated blonde hair. Being a blonde myself, this is perfect to help keep my hair healthy and shiny.
This conditioner definitely has a fruity scent to it, plus the colour reminds me of a smoothie. It's a light weight conditioner that is actually referred to as a reconstructor as it helps restore the hair at it's core and protects the strands. It adds hydration and left my hair feeling soft and smooth. Plus I just have to add again, it smells divine.
This smoothing cream is perfect for after the party, and by party, I mean letting my hair dry naturally :P You all know from reading my blog that I try let my hair dry whenever possible but sometimes it has a bit of a frizz vibe to it so this is great for those fly-aways.
This box is R160.00 and is available here. You can also head to the Test Box website for prices on the full sized products.
Have you used TIGI (which is cruelty free) before?
Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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