Wednesday, 13 January 2016

[ECO]: Easy Ways To Go Green in 2016

With 2016  rocking and rolling for everyone already, what's a better time to start being green than now? 

While going green is a process, these are a few easy steps you can take on your journey of being more eco-friendly. 

Switch your light bulbs to energy saving Compact fluorescent lightbulbs - they use about one 1/3 of electricity and last 10 times longer.

♥ Switch off wall sockets when not in use as they draw a lot of "phantom/vampire" energy while not in use.

♥ Stepping away from your computer for more than 20 minutes? Switch it to "sleep mode" and make sure to power off at the end of the day.

♥ Switch off the tap while brushing your teeth and make sure to have leaking taps fixed.

♥ Plant a tree

♥Start your own vegetable garden

♥  Print on both sides of paper and try go as electronic as possible in terms of documents etc

♥ When buying new beauty products, do your research to find out whether they are cruelty-free or not

♥ Buy local foods, this provides jobs for your community and saves on transport costs.


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