Wednesday, 28 May 2014

REVIEW: Davines Absolute Beautifying Range

Absolute Beautifying Hair Care Range

Hi Lovies!

A few weeks ago I was sent this exciting hair care range and I was so looking forward to trying them out as I'm quite a fan of Davines!

Before I share my thoughts on the products, let me first tell you a bit more on why this brand is glam and green. Davines believes that to create beauty, you must encourage people people to not only take care of themselves but of their environment; where they work; where they live. To Davines, sustainability deals with the responsibilty they owe to themselves; their customers; the people they work with and the world in which they operate in, today and tomorrow. Davines has some more great thoughts on sustainability which you can check out on their website here.

Davines are also into renewable energy; zero impact salons; zero impact products and their packiaging choices are based on these three fundamental points:
- The use of as little raw materials as possible;
- The use of recyclable materials;
- The optimization of logistics and quality control processes to avoid waste

Pretty impressive right? Well it gets better! Not only are they focused on sustainable actions but their products are also quite notable.

First up, the Absolute Beautifying Shampoo:

I still haven't made up my mind on whether I like the scent of the shampoo or not... Sometimes the scent reminds me of an island holiday and sometimes it reminds me of a super sweet bubble bath. But enough about that, the shampoo doesn't foam a lot but that's because its sulphate and paraben free (yay!) and seemed to go a good job of cleaning all my hair oil out (I sleep with oil in my hair about once or twice a week as part of my hair care routine).

Absolute Beautifying Conditioner

I really enjoyed using this conditioner because to me if felt more like I was using a hair masque than a conditioner - you even treat as if it were a hair masque by leaving on for a few minutes. The scent of this product isn't as strong as the shampoo which is better for me. I have learnt with this conditioner though that less is more, so try not to apply too much to your hair as it will weigh it down.

Multi Benefit Beauty Treatment

This hair treatment milk is what every girl needs! It's light weight; adds shine; protects against heat; helps detangle hair (you can comb easily through wet or dry hair); fights frizz and add moisture to your hair. It says to use about 10-15 sprays on mid length to ends but I have a lot of hair I find you only need about 10 sprays at most. It's perfect for me as I quickly spray it on my towel dried hair and then I'm good to go with blow drying etc (after I've let my hair dry naturally for a bit).

All three of these products contain Roucou Oil. What is that you may ask? Well I had no idea either haha! But roucou oil come from a plant in the Amazonia called Annatto. It is extremely rich in beta-carotene (it has 100 more times than carrots) and helps restructure your hair and helps it grow - for more about roucou oil click here. Another thing, all three of these products are sulphate and paraben free (as I mentioned about the shampoo).  

You can check out the Davines South Africa facebook page for more info on their products.

What Davines products have you tried?

Love always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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  1. I love a product made by a company that cares about the environment , so I will definitely be trying it !

  2. Sounds like a really nice hair range!!

  3. These sound fantastic. I've been dying to try Davines! :)

  4. I'm trying them now because I have very oily hair! And I love it so far!


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