Tuesday, 16 September 2014

REVIEW: INOAR Extreme Premium Oil

Extreme Premium Oil from INOAR

Hi beauties!

In May, I reviewed the INOAR Argan Oil and fell head over heels for it, the scent; the texture; the way it made my hair feel.. I doubted I would find anything that could live up to the hype I had created for it.. enter, the Extreme Premium Oil!

This luxurious oil contains extracts of Mrryh (as it's base); argan; macadamia and rose imperial oils as well as coconut oil and sesame oil. This is the first product from INOAR that contains myrrh

Here's what I learnt from the INOAR team at the launch of this product:

 Argan Oil & Macadamia Oil are best for your hair as they add a great boost of moisture to hair follicles.
♥ Coconut Oil & Sesame Oil help to boost and promote hair growth, they help prevent spilt ends and they help chemically treated hair.
♥ Myrrh which has used as the healing oil of ancient times, and which is still used today to heal, is great for dry & sensitive hair and scalps. As well as being anti-inflammatory; anti-parasitic and having astringent benefits, myrrh has an anti-oxidant effect. 
♥ Oils are the future of hair care. Through the combination of essential oils, you can find the best benefits for your hair.

Although I really loved the INOAR Argan Oil, I didn't enjoy the bottle as I felt like it needed to be a pump bottle. Low and behold, the extreme premium oil's bottle is a pump bottle *round of applause please*. While I raved about the scent of the INOAR Argan OIl, imagine adding rose imperial oil to that combination! It's smells heavenly

This oil treatment can be used on dry hair to help spilt ends as well as to calm down those pesky fly-aways as well as on damp hair to help protect your hair from heat tools and to give it a healthy boost. 
Little tip, whatever remainders I have of this oil, I actually use it on my face as I believe in the healing powers of the oils used!

This Extreme Premium Oil is available at www.inoar.co.za and retails for R545 for 50ml (a little bit goes a long way though).

Would you purchase this oil?
ps: INOAR is cruelty-free!

Love Always, The Glam Green Girl xXx

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  1. I would SO purchase this oil ! Have dry fly away hair ! Thanks for this , on my shopping list !

  2. Sounds like a great product!

    Jules x

  3. Great post!!
    Yes! I would purchase the oil, it seems to be awesome!!! :)



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